Keynote Session
Taro Kono
Member of the House of Representatives
December 1985Graduated from Georgetown University in Washington, DC
October 20, 1996Elected to the House of Representatives
January 8, 2002Parliamentary Secretary for Public Management
November 2, 2005Senior Vice-Minister of Justice
September 29,2008Chairman of the Standing Committees on Foreign Affairs
September 22,2010 Shadow Minister for Government Revitalization and Civil Service Reform
Peter Jørgensen
Vice President / Dir. of International Relations,

Peter Jørgensen holds a M.Sc. Mech. Eng. and has been employed in the Danish power supply industry for more than 25 years. Peter Jørgensen has been responsible for development of the electricity system as well as opening of the electricity market.

Peter Jørgensen has represented Denmark in both planning and market committees in the former Nordic TSO-organisation Nordel and the European organisation ENTSO-E.

Peter Jørgensen’s current responsibilities mainly concern the development of the Danish and European electricity systems with focus on integration of renewable energy resources and’s international energy consultancy services.

Session 1
Takuya Yamazaki
Director for Electricity Market Reform (Legislation),
Electricity Market Reform Office, Agency for Natural Resources and Energy, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (planned)

After joining the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) in 1996, as the first assignment in METI, Mr. Takuya Yamazaki involved in the Second Electricity System Reform of Japan in 1999, which introduced retail competition and secured open access to transmission lines of incumbent power companies for new entrants.

After that, Mr. Yamazaki has been assigned to a wide range of policy matters including building a scheme to promote entrepreneurship, establishing National Information Security Center to enhance Japan’s information security and developing FTA frameworks between Japan and Asian countries, and promoting the concept of exporting Japanese infrastructure business abroad such as water and power generation.

In his current capacity, Mr. Yamazaki has been back to the electricity policy in order to design the next electricity system reform, which has been discussed intensively since the Great East Japan earthquakes and the Fukushima nuclear accident.

Hiroshi Takahashi
Research Fellow, Economic Research Center Fujitsu Research Institute

Area of Expertise:
Smart Grid and Energy Policy
Information and Communication Policy
Change of Administrations: Bureaucracy, Cabinet, and Policy Formation

Ph.D. (The University of Tokyo) MA in Law and Diplomacy (Fletcher School)

Dr. Takahashi is the Research Fellow at the Fujitsu Research Institute.

He specializes in electric power policy with focus on market liberalization, grid unbundling, renewable energy and smart grid.

He has obtained doctoral degree from the University of Tokyo and master’s degree from the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy.

His former career includes a product planner at Sony Corporation, Deputy Director at IT Policy Office of Cabinet Secretariat of the Japanese Government, and Assistant Professor at the University of Tokyo.

He is the author of “Market Liberalization of Electric Utilities” published by Nihon Keizai Shinbun Shuppan-sha.

Session 2
Michio Imai
President, Metso Paper Japan Co., Ltd

Michio Imai (Mr.) is the president of Metso Paper Japan Co., Ltd, a subsidiary of Metso corporation in Finland.

He has mainly been involved in system/plant/machinery supply from Nordic countries to Japanese Pulp & Paper industries in the last 40 years.

2009-PresentPresident, Metso Paper Japan
2007 – 2008Vice President, Metso Paper Japan
2001 – 2006President, Kvaerner Pulping KK
1998 – 2000Director,Services in Kvaerner Pulping KK
1991 – 1997General manager,Projects and Business Development,Kamyr KK / Kvaerner Pulping KK
1972 – 1990Gadelius KK

Bachelor, Mechanical engineering

Dr. Poul H. Madsen
CEO, Green Center
Miko Olkkonen
Senior Executing Manager, Hydro Projects, Fortum

Mr. Olkkonen is responsible for the hydro project execution model in Fortum Power Solutions Hydro. The unit builds on top of the decades of Nordic Hydro experience Fortum has gained as an owner and developer of CO2 free hydro assets (currently 4,600 MW hydro capacity with over 160 hydro plants). The unit provides this knowledge to help Clients improve efficiency in their hydro plant operations & maintenance and to deliver hydro power plant projects.

Mr. Olkkonen holds a Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Helsinki University of Technology, Finland where he is also a guest lecturer. He has over fifteen years of hands on experience from developing large distributed investment projects and O&M services in several industries including pulp & paper mills, gas , nuclear and hydro power plants. He has collected his experience while working both for consultancy and asset owner companies in numerous different countries.

Go Sekiguchi
Managing Director, REC Solar Japan

Mr. Sekiguchi holds the position of Managing Director at REC Solar Japan, one of the leading providers of solar electricity solutions. Initially, he joined the company as Business Development Manager in September 2012.

Before working for REC Solar, Mr. Sekiguchi held the position of Senior Account Manager at Victrex Japan, the world leading manufacturer of high performance polymers. He has also served as Key Account manager for SABIC Innovative Plastics Japan.

Mr. Sekiguchi holds an MBA degree from the Globis University Graduate School of Management.

Carl Sixtensson
Senior Consultant – Renewable Energy, DNV GL Energy & Sustainability

Mr. Sixtensson holds a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Lund University, Sweden, specialized in Energy Sciences.

He has five years of experience from the renewable energy industry focusing on due diligence for onshore and offshore wind farms, working out of DNV’s offices in Oslo, Norway and Seattle, US.

In his current position as a Senior Consultant in DNV GL Renewable Energy, Carl has obtained project management experience from various projects within the renewable energy segment, with special focus on the wind energy industry.

In his daily work, Carl provides onshore and offshore wind developers, utilities, and financial institutions with strategic decision support including project due diligence and project development assistance.

He has performed quantitative and qualitative risk management studies, including installation concept assessments of some of Europe’s largest offshore wind farms.

Furthermore, he has been involved in development of guidelines and governing documents for the wind energy industry. Carl is the co-author of three papers addressing risk management in the offshore wind industry.

Session 3
Leo Christensen
Vice Chairman, Lolland Energy Holding

Leo Christensen, 60 years old and member of city council of Lolland municipality. Has been involved in the development of Lolland regarding energy, environment and sustainable systems as well as new ways for municipalities to corporate with private industries and universities.

Member of the Environment Minister Ida Auken´s Advisory Board Danish Forum for Sustainable Development. Member of the Social Democratic Party´s National Energy and Environmental Advisory Board.

Since 1999 and up to now Lolland has been involved in a transformation from heavy industry as the main occupation, to a society based on smaller industries and a focus on developing a wide range of sustainable energy and environmental solutions.

Clinton Davis
Vice President, Distribution Industry Solutions – Ventyx, an ABB company

Over the last six years with Ventyx, he has held roles in consulting, product marketing, smart grid strategy, and product management.

Clinton holds a bachelor’s degree in physics from Wittenberg University and a master’s degree from The John’s Hopkins University Department of Geography and Environmental Engineering with a focus on energy and environmental systems.

Mr. Gustaf Landahl
Head of Department Planning & Environment at the Environment and Health Administration, Stockholm City

Mr. Landahl has a Masters degree in civil engineering from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden. After working for the national government and for a private consultant enterprise, he started to work for the City of Stockholm in 1988.

He led the city’s work with comprehensive land-use planning and managed to bring several plans for sustainable development to decision by the city council. In 1995 Mr. Landahl was appointed head of Department Planning & Environment.

This department is responsible for environmental control in Stockholm as well as environmental issues in land use planning and traffic.His department is responsible for the City’s work on Climate protection and energy efficiency. One special task is the city’s efforts to introduce alternative fuelled vehicles, electrical vehicles and the required infrastructure.

In this field the city has succeeded well and of all new cars bought, 40 % are clean vehicles. He is also responsible for the city’s largest project on urban renewal combining energy efficiency with renewable energy sources and other measures to improve the status of a type of building quite common from the industrial building techniques from the 1960s.

Bjørn Simonsen
Director, Norwegian Hydrogen Forum

Bjørn Simonsen has since 2010 held the position as the Secretary General for the Norwegian Hydrogen Forum and Secretary for the Norwegian Hydrogen Council. He has also been the Chairman of the HyNor project since 2010, and is representing Norway in the Scandinavian Hydrogen Highway Partnership.

From 2008 – 2010 Bjørn worked as a research engineer at Institute for Energy Technology (IFE), mainly being involved in developing a novel steam methane reforming technology with integrated CO2-capture, as well as the conceptualization of a hydrogen station which is now part of the HyNor network.

Bjørn Simonsen has a Master of Science degree in Process Engineering from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) in Trondheim. His work is carried out through Lillestrøm Centre of Expertise, based near Oslo, Norway.

Bolli Thoroddsen
CEO, Takanawa Partners

From 2010, Director at the consultancy company Takanawa Partners

2009-2010, Technical and Trade Advisor at the Icelandic Embassy in Japan, working with and introducing geothermal energy related businesses to Japanese companies and financial institutions

Organized and executed the “Iceland Japan Geothermal Forum in November 2010”, a conference with 400 participants, where the main focus was geothermal financing in Japan and developing countries.

From 2010, Mr. Thoroddsen has worked on major geothermal projects with both Icelandic utility and U.S. IPP companies

2006-2010, elected 2nd Deputy Council Member for Reykjavik’s City Council, the city’s highest authority, as well as serving on numerous City Council boards, e.g. Chairman of the Sport and Youth Council, and a member of Reykjavik Education Board

From 2007 to 2009, Mr. Thoroddsen worked for the CEO of Actavis Group, the world’s 3rd largest generic pharmaceutical company

Mr. Thoroddsen was instrumental in the Actavis’ entry into the Japanese market by establishing a JV with Aska, a Takeda Group company (Japan #1 pharma company)

Mr. Thoroddsen holds a B.Sc. in Industrial Engineering from the University of Iceland and a M.Sc. in Finance from Waseda University in Japan and currently a Ph.D. candidate at Waseda

Panel Discussion
Reijo Munther
Secretary General , Innovative Cities / Tekes – the Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation

Mr. Reijo Munther is the Secretary General for the national programme for Innovative Cities. The programme is carried out by Tekes (the Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation) , which is the main public funding organization for research, development and innovation in Finland with a yearly turnover of 600 Million Euros.

Formerly he acted as Counselor for Science, Technology and Innovation with the Embassy of Finland in Tokyo and Director for Tekes and FinNode offices in Tokyo. He has also served as the Finnish delegate for various EU Commissions.

Prior to Tekes he was a visiting researcher at the University of California in Berkeley.  Mr. Munther is a Nuclear Engineer by education and a member of the Technology Academy of Finland (TAF).

Peter Jørgensen ,Vice President/ Dir. of International Relations

Peter Jørgensen holds a M.Sc. Mech. Eng. and has been employed in the Danish power supply industry for more than 25 years. Peter Jørgensen has been responsible for development of the electricity system as well as opening of the electricity market.

Peter Jørgensen has represented Denmark in both planning and market committees in the former Nordic TSO-organisation Nordel and the European organisation ENTSO-E.

Peter Jørgensen’s current responsibilities mainly concern the development of the Danish and European electricity systems with focus on integration of renewable energy resources and’s international energy consultancy services.

Fumio Ohue
Founder and CEO, MI Consulting Group

Mr. Ohue is the founder and CEO of the MI Consulting Group that was established in 2003. He also serves as Executive Director of Kitakyushu Asian Center for Low Carbon Society. In addition, he holds the positions of Visiting Professor for Ritsumeian Univeristy Business School and EMP adviser for the University of Tokyo. Mr. Ohue is also a member of the faculty of ISL (Institute for Strategic Leadership).

Formerly, Mr. Ohue worked as Partner for Accenture in Managed Technology. In 2010, he acted as Member of the Subcommittee on Regulatory and Institutional Reform of the Government Revitalization Unit of Japan. In 2009, he served as Member of the Growth Strategy Committee of MLIT (Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transportation) Japan.

Mr. Ohue holds a Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering from Tokyo University.

Hannu Penttilä
Deputy Mayor, City of Helsinki / Real Estate and City Planning

Mr. Penttilä has served as Deputy Mayor of the City of Helsinki since 2008. His main areas of responsibilities are City Planning and Real Estate as well as Housing.

He is also Chairman of the Board at Helsinki City Housing Company that owns and administrates over 43 000 publicly financed dwellings.

Mr. Penttilä holds / has held several positions of trust, e.g. Chair of the Finnish Housing Reform Association (2006 – present), Amsterdam’s World Smart Capital Advisory Board, 2012 – present , President of the European Metropolitan Transport Authorities (EMTA, 2007 – 2009) and President of the Network of European Metropolitan Regions and Areas (METREX 2009 – 2012).

Karin Widegren
Director at The Swedish Coordination Council for Smart Grid

Karin is an expert in European energy policy, development of efficient energy markets, market design and regulation and is currently serving as the Director at the Swedish Coordination Council for Smart Grid.

Swedish Coordination Council for Smart Grid is a government appointed council to coordinate and stimulate cooperation and knowledge transfer between different actors in the area of smart grid and deliver proposals to accelerate the development of smart grid in Sweden.

She has held positions at the Swedish Energy Markets Inspectorate, Nordic Council of Ministers, Ministry of Industry Employment and Communication, Vattenfall and Swedish Institute for Growth Policy Studies

Deputy Director-General, Center for Low Carbon Society Strategy(LCS), Japan Science and Technology Agency(JST)
Senior Advisor, Office of the President, the University of Tokyo

Professor Yamada holds the position of Deputy Director-General at the Center for Low Carbon Society Strategy of Japan Science and Technology Agency. He also serves as Senior Advisor for the Office of the President at the University of Tokyo.

Formerly, Professor Yamada has held the positions of Professor of Department of Chemical System Engineering at Shinshu University and Managing Director at the Research Institute of Innovative Technology for the Earth. He has also acted as Managing Director at the University of Tokyo.

Professor Yamada holds a Doctoral degree in Engineering from the University of Tokyo, Japan, specialized in Chemical System Engineering. He has published over 160 papers in referred journals and more than ten books in the area of material science, chemical engineering and global environmental engineering.